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The Importance of Play in Childhood and Adulthood:

Learn about the 3 C's of Play: Community, Creativity,

and Cognitive Development

The Power of PLAY

Understanding the 3 C's of PLAY can lead to a life filled with PLAY!



Yoga & Mindful Play

A fun and playful yoga session that will leave your staff feeling refreshed, connected and invigorated!  Imagine your staff filled with laughter as they play with bubbles, a colorful parachute and juggle rainbow scarves while doing themed yoga to upbeat music! 

3 Ways to Foster a PLAY Lifestyle

Let's bridge the gap between work and play!  Your staff will navigate through my Play Lifestyle Map and learn how to live a life fueled by passion, purpose and play! I'll tell stories, your staff will take notes about the 3 C's of play as they relate to themselves and we will find that work-life balance that we all dream of! 

Digital Vision Board Workshop

These sessions can improve morale, collaboration, communication, connectivity and overall personal development among employees.  I help nurture your company's culture as one that helps people become and feel connected to a larger purpose. The group will set goals and learn how to manifest their dreams! 


Popular Speaking Engagements

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The Importance of Play in Adulthood and Childhood
TEDx Boggy Creek

Why Does Representation Matter?
The Lesline Does Wellness Podcast w/ Lesline Pittman

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Yolonda Tyler: Mother/Entrepreneur/Speaker (PLAYSPACE Solutions)

Orlando International Fashion Week

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How To Bridge the Gap Between Work and PLAY!  Featuring Yolonda Tyler 

The Ted Show

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A Legacy of Entrepreneurship & The Power of Play with Yolonda Deon

All My Favorite People Podcast w/ Brittney Jones
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Keynote Speaker: "The Power of Play"

Brain Pop

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Keynote Speaker: The Importance of PLAY for Children 0-5 Years Old
Early Learning Coalition of Orange County’s Destination Kindergarten Program

Keynote Speaker: The ABC's of Your Genius 
Mollie Ray Elementary School 5th Graduation | Orange County Public Schools 

Tips For Owning An Indoor PlaySpace 

Playspace Podcast 

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Media Kit Bios 

(Speaker Version)

Yolonda, at her core, is a true social entrepreneur. She is a PLAY-ologist, passionate about play, mindfulness, women's holistic wellness, and childhood development. Yolonda is a former distance runner, and she found yoga as a way to recover after runs. As her life progressed, yoga became a way for her to heal and learn from her past. Yolonda is a Registered Yoga Teacher and she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. In addition, she is certified in all things yoga, including Trauma-Informed Yoga, Children's Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Mental Well-being in Children. She has worked professionally as a counselor and health educator. 


In 2009, Yolonda let her entrepreneurial spirit flow and she founded a family entertainment center called Amaya Papaya Playlounge. While she owned and operated AP, Yolonda observed parents and children gain so much from simply playing together. This inspired Yolonda to really tap into the power of play. In 2013, she created Amaya Papaya University.  Rebranded in 2013 as Mindful Play Learning, she has developed a curriculum that she now uses to partner with early learning environments to enhance children's mental health and well-being through play.


With over twenty-five years of professional experience in corporate organizations, non-profit organizations, independent business ownership, mentoring, volunteering, and motherhood, Yolonda brings real-life experience to all of her clients. She has been blessed to combine her passions with her professional experience to fulfill her life purpose of being a teacher, healer, and mindfulness expert. Yolonda believes everyone can find their passion and purpose through mindfulness and PLAY.

(50-Word Version)

Yolonda is a true entrepreneur and PLAY-ologist, which means she is passionate about play and her business! Yolonda is a Registered Yoga Teacher and she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She has started several successful businesses, including Amaya Papaya Playlounge and Mindful Play Learning, where she teaches kids from 8 months to 108 years old about the importance of play. 

What can Yolonda Deon Do For You?

Before the Event

  • Use her social network to help promote her appearance at your event

  • Create a promo video or other content for your event, highlighting her session and why people should attend

  • Work with you and your team to ensure that her topic and presentation align with your needs


During the Event

  • Deliver a customized presentation that fits your audience’s specific needs

  • Deliver an entertaining and inspiring performance onstage, as well as connect and engage with attendees on the floor

  • Be accessible for on-site video and audio interviews to help increase exposure for your event


After the Event

  • Interact with event attendees and coordinators on social media to increase exposure

  • Recommend the event to like-minded people and future speakers

Most times I forget the importance of work/life (play) balance. Thank you for reminding me of this important application. Great presentation!

Melinda Poole

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