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Digital Vision Board Sessions

Let's identify your dreams, goals,

passion, and purpose!

A vision board is a simple craft project that helps you reflect on goals or things you want to manifest. To create a vision board, you gather pictures, single words or quotes that you would like to adhere to a board. Once created, seeing your board daily helps your brain to align with what you want to attract.  Vision boards and the goals you set while doing so help cultivate a positive mindset. As with any work I do with my clients, my digital vision board sessions help you find your passion and purpose through mindfulness and play.


I have been creating vision boards for over 25 years!  Using vision boards, I manifested my first professional job, my dream car, and a mother/daughter trip to New York City. I’ve used them to organize ideas for my brick-and-mortar business, and when I was a counselor, it was my go-to project for helping clients set goals. Ten years ago, I began creating digital vision boards. Rather than the traditional magazine, paper, and glue method, this earth-friendly method, allows me to save the board as my computer wallpaper, share it to my social media, save it as my phone screen, and print as many copies as I want.  I hang them in my home, my office, and anywhere I feel I need to have them for quick viewing. My favorite thing about the digital board is that I can update it often and modify my goals as I achieve them.


During any of my Digital Vision Board Sessions, I playfully use meditation and yoga techniques to spark creativity. Participants use my downloadable Vision Board Playbook to guide them in preparation for creating their digital vision board. The Playbook consists of my Vision Board Check List, Manifestation Prompts, Inspiration Bubbles and Play Lifestyle Map! Once the digital vision board has been completed, we will discuss daily practices for manifesting goals using the vision board and modifications to optimize the digital vision board.


Over the years, I have hosted vision board parties, taught vision board workshops, and created personalized vision boards for or with clients. I have experience working with businesses, children, teens, and adults to help them create vision boards that fit their individualized needs so that they may manifest their goals and desires. Classes can be tailored to your needs. Global delivery is available via Zoom.

Email me at to schedule a session today! 


Workshops are open to the public and scheduled periodically throughout the year by Yolonda Deon. Participants will be added to my online digital vision board community, where they can chat and continue networking with other participants who have taken the workshop.


Private | Group or Personal

Schedule your private, personal or group session tailored to you or your group's needs. This session is excellent for individuals who want to work on goals individually or with a group with whom they have a rapport.



Corporate Digital Vision Board workshop sessions can be tailored to your company's needs.

These sessions can improve morale, collaboration, communication, connectivity and overall personal development among employees.  I help nurture your company's culture as one that helps people become and feel connected to a larger purpose.



The Digital Vision Board course is perfect for individuals seeking a step-by-step method to complete at their own pace. You can purchase the course individually or add a one-time coaching session with Yolonda Deon to be scheduled within three months of purchasing the course.

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Don't have time to attend a class, course or workshop, but you want to use my proven formula to create a vision board? 

You can order my downloadable pdf Vision Board Playbook workbook from my shop NOW!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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