Meet Yolonda

Award-winning entrepreneur,

lifestyle coach, business consultant,

mom, and motivational speaker. 

Greetings, My name is Yolonda! I am a thinker, dreamer, and doer. With over twenty-five years of professional experience in corporate America, non-profit organizations, independent business ownership, volunteering, and motherhood, I bring real-life experience to my client's endeavors.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Bethune Cookman University. After graduating from college, I began my career as a Health Educator and Program Coordinator working for Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando. I then continued my career in non-profit community work by working as a Counselor and Program Coordinator at PACE Center for Girls in Orlando, Florida. Over the years, I have created and executed a multitude of programs that have helped to net a profit in my business as well as for Planned Parenthood and PACE Center for Girls.

Faith. That’s what it took back in 2007 when I began doing research to open what would become Amaya Papaya Playlounge. I would go home after a long day of work, have family time, and then work on my business plan. I spent countless hours researching the concept for my business and then ultimately carved out a niche for myself in an industry that didn’t exist.

As I began to think of a logo for Amaya Papaya, I thought that nothing would be more fitting than the SUNSHINE to represent my daughter, Amaya and every other child that a parent has been blessed with. If you took the sunshine in the logo and turned it sideways where the sun rays are facing down, it would appear as if it were a mama's belly with sun rays beaming from it.  Ask Amaya - she will tell you how she put the sunshine on mommy's belly.

In 2008, I ventured into the bank to get secured for an SBA loan to open my space. I was approved almost instantly. The following year, I left the workforce to become an entrepreneur. In August of 2009, I opened the doors to Amaya Papaya and have been on a journey of a lifetime.

While open, I turned my PLAYSPACE into an award-winning business. I have received several awards from various publications since 2010 as “The Best Indoor Playground” and “The Best Party Venue.” In 2018, I was awarded “Business of the Year: Sole Proprietor” for Seminole County, Florida. After eleven amazing years, I sold my brick-and-mortar business, and I have created new opportunities for myself and others under the Amaya Papaya name, including AP University, including mobile Amaya Papaya classes for children of all ages.

In 2019 I was selected to give a TEDx Talk about the Importance of PLAY! It was one of the highlights of my career!


In 2020, I became a certified Kidding Around Yoga instructor and also completed my 200-hour yoga certification. I am currently in the process of completing my 300- hour yoga certification as well as my prenatal yoga certification. 

While working with children and their mothers at my playspace, I developed a passion for supporting mothers. Through this passion, I created the Bomb Mom movement. That movement supported mothers through workshops, online interactions, and expressive apparel. You can now find that movement rebranded as Bomb Mom Yoga to hold space for the healing work that I do with families. 


Through my life experiences, I have developed a holistic lifestyle system that I call the YOLO Way. Through this system, I have learned to live a life lead by Yoga, Organization, Love & Light, and Opportunity. 

For those of you who have been inspired by my story, I have faith that you too will dream and achieve your goals.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon. 

"Passion. Purpose.


Yolonda Deon

Bridging the Gap Between Work &


PLAY is important.


is essential.


I help communities bridge the gap between work and play.

I offer:

PLAYSPACE Solutions for the global


LIFESTYLE coaching for people who want to incorporate more play in their life. 

YOGA and meditation for moms & their youngsters.

 Amaya Papaya University program for families & playspaces 


During your free consultation, I will help you discover your goals and then I will make a unique plan for your life, your business, or both! 

I will guide you in choosing from a variety of services to help you align, attract, and achieve success.


Customized services to help you meet your specific needs based on proven success from an award-winning entrepreneur, business consultant, and life coach.

Let's get started today!


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