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speaker | teacher | coach

I am a self-proclaimed PLAYologist, passionate about play, mindfulness, women's holistic wellness, and childhood development! I am a spiritual activist, peaceful warrior, and diversity advocate.  A few of my favorite ways to PLAY are going to the house of the mouse, leading circle time, learning about metaphysics, and traveling. When I am not PLAYing, I am dreaming of ways to connect my work life more with PLAY. Focusing on PLAY allows me the freedom to be mindful and to stress less as I achieve my personal and professional goals. A former distance runner, I found yoga as a way to recover after runs. As my life progressed, yoga became a way for me to heal and learn from my past. 

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200, RCYT, RPYT) with Yoga Alliance and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. In addition, I hold certifications in Life Coaching, Meditation, Prenatal Yoga, Children's Yoga (Kidding Around Yoga), Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Mental Well-being in Children. I have worked professionally as a counselor, health educator, and founder/owner/operator of a brick-and-mortar family entertainment center called Amaya Papaya Playlounge, which I opened in 2009.  In 2013 I founded Amaya Papaya University as a companion enrichment program to my then Indoor Play Space business. Now rebranded as Mindful Play Learning, I have developed a curriculum that I now use to partner with early learning environments to enhance children's mental health and well-being.  With over twenty-five years of professional experience in corporate organizations, non-profit organizations, independent business ownership, mentoring, volunteering, and motherhood, I bring real-life experience to my client's needs.
I have been blessed to combine my passions with my professional experience to fulfill my life purpose of being a teacher, healer, and mindfulness expert.

I have often been the only brown face in the room.
I have gotten used to being one of many first or only. Of these, I am the first in my family to graduate from college, the first Black-owned playspace owner in Florida, the first Black mother & daughter team Little Free Library Stewards in Central Florida, the only Black {Yoga Alliance} Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher in Florida, and the list goes on. While I am proud of these achievements, my mission is to normalize Black faces in these and other spaces. Being the first is great, but paving the way for more is most important.

I believe everyone can find their passion and purpose through mindfulness and PLAY!

Passion, Purpose,

Mindfulness & PLAY.

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I believe that everyone can find their passion and purpose through 

Mindfulness & 




I help communities find their passion & purpose through mindfulness and PLAY.

I offer:

  • Professional Speaking 

  • Corporate Training and Workshops

  • Play-based Children's Enrichment Program Development 

  • Group & Private Childrens Yoga &/or Meditation Sessionsses

  • Mindfulness Coaching for Children & Families.  

  • Kids' Enrichment Programming 


During your free consultation, I will help you discover your goals, the goals for your business, or your child. 

I will guide you in choosing from a variety of services that I offer. 


Customized services to help you meet your specific needs based on proven success, training, and personal experience. 

Let's get started today!


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