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Passion. Purpose. Mindfulness. PLAY.

Faith. That’s what it took back in 2007 when I began doing research to open what would become Amaya Papaya Playlounge, an indoor family entertainment playspace for children 0-5 years old. I would go home after a long day of work, have family time, and then work on my business plan. I spent countless hours researching the concept for my business and then ultimately carved out a niche for myself in an industry that didn’t exist. 

In 2008, I ventured into the bank to get secured for an SBA loan to open my space. I was approved almost instantly. The following year, I left the workforce to become an entrepreneur. In August of 2009, I opened the doors to Amaya Papaya and have been on a journey of a lifetime. While open, I turned my PLAYSPACE into an award-winning business. I have received several awards from various publications since 2010 as “The Best Indoor Playground” and “The Best Party Venue.” In 2018, I was awarded “Business of the Year: Sole Proprietor” for Seminole County, Florida. After ten amazing years, I sold my brick-and-mortar business in 2019.  

Since selling my brick-and-mortar business, I have coached and consulted several schools, businesses, business owners, and prospective business owners to help them with their business goals. It is always my pleasure to share my insight and offer advice based on my years of experience of continued success as a business owner. 

Pick your path to success.

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