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The Calming Hand

As someone who is always on the go I appreciate taking time to be mindful whenever I can! To me, mindfulness is the state of being conscious, of not only time but state of mind and of course PLAY! This is one of my favorite mindfulness techniques to use on the fly, The Calming Hand. These are the steps. I hope you all find them as helpful as I do.

  1. Recognize - the signs of panic. Hold your thumb firmly. Calm your breathing.

  2. Sigh Out -This enables you to relax your shoulders and upper chest (remember to Flop and Drop). If possible, try to breathe out for longer than you breathe in.

  3. Inhale -Take a slow and gentle relaxed breath – slowly in, followed by...

  4. Exhale - A gentle breath out. Relaxed breathing helps to relieve the sensation of breathlessness.

  5. Stretch hands, relax, and stop - Hand stretching is helpful when having an acute episode of panic.

For me, finding accessible quick ways to practice mindfulness especially with minimal equipment is extremely important. I hope this technique will help those who are looking for something similar. Remember the importance of PLAY!

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