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Amaya Papaya University is now:

Mindful Play Learning offers a holistic approach to play. It’s where mindfulness and yoga meet circle time and play! The program aids in early community development, encourages creativity, and explores the cognitive development of our baby buddies, toddler buddies, and preschool buddies alongside their caregivers through open-ended mindful play.


To empower early learners to imagine the possibilities through mindful play.

Who We Are

Mindful Play Learning is a play-based mindfulness methodology that uses yoga and imagination to promote social-emotional learning, support cognitive development, and enhance creativity for early learners. 


What We Do

Mindful Play Learning partners with early learning environments to enhance children's mental health and well-being through our play-based mindfulness curriculum, programming, professional development, workshops, content, and products.


Let's chat about bringing Mindful Play Learning to your early learning environment!

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