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Amaya Papaya University is a play and mindfulness-based enrichment program and curriculum for children 0-5 years old designed to teach early S.T.E.A.M. concepts, promote social interaction, encourage cognitive development, and enhance creativity. Developed by Yolonda D. Tyler while she owned Amaya Papaya Playlounge, Amaya Papaya University became a staple in the community and a sought-after program globally.

Our number one priority is to aid the development of children, both physically and mentally, as well as aid you in your journey of early learning programming for children in your home, your business, or your classroom.

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In 2022 you can find me online or at various locations
throughout the United States teaching

Amaya Papaya University or Kids Yoga classes.
I plan to have at least one activity happening per month.

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Coming Soon!
AP University Curriculum

.......eventually :)